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Transgression Synopsis

Driven and neurotic, TV reporter Mary Selby (played by Molly Jackson) wanted more than to just report the story of a local serial killer, she wanted to understand the compulsions that drove him; so she consulted psychiatrist Dr. Andre Zarem (played by Marc St. Camille). Immediately after utilizing her new insights in her newscasts, Mary is contacted by the killer. Despite the objections of her boyfriend, a police detective, Mary becomes the only link between the killer and authorities, something that doesn't hurt her ratings, but has a devastating effect on her personal life.

Soon after, Mary is taken hostage in a daringly executed kidnapping by the killer, who subjects her to an intense series of sadistic mind games that forever change her life. After a bloody escape, instead of recovering, Mary slides ever deeper into her self-destructive habits, culminating in the ultimate transgression

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