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BLOOD OF THE LAMB Brian James has everything in life, a beautiful family, a great job, respect in the community and a very large drinking problem. Suddenly one drunken night he uncovers a dark, carefully hidden part of himself that he can no longer face and so, one by one, he loses everything and l all he has left is a rented room over a bar and some occasional work from friends. Waking one morning, lost and hung over, Brian finds something, something he didn't even realize he was missing; himself!

SUSPICION (outine) Emma Garrison and Jo, her teen-age daughter moved to this remote country setting to escape the horrors of the big city, but one day her long lost brother comes to visit, bringing with him more evil than she ever could have imagined.

THE CENCI (outline) A tale of unbridled lust and revenge turned in upon themselves, THE CENCI is the dynamic updating of a dramatic classic. Rich and powerful, the mysterious, millionaire Mark Cenci thought he could do anything to anybody, including his own daughter Beatrice. But it wasn't until her unlikely union with his trusted bodyguard, Alphonse DeFlores, first in adultery, then murder, that the Count would be stopped. But now who will pay the bloody price demanded by society?

BLOODTHIRSTY BIKERS FROM LESBOS (script) Follow Morella, the biker chick from Hell, as she slashes her bloodthirsty way across the country to a secret Halloween debauch in New York City. And no one, including her new slave, Claire pursued by her grieving husband, nor a drunken woman lawyer being attacked by a lecherous highway cop or even a pair of stranded nuns can keep Morella from her terrifying rendez-vous with destiny.

DRACULA, OLD AGE SUCKS (Scenario) On the way to their honeymoon hotel, Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan Harker cross paths with a certain Dr. Van Helsing and a very, handsome, young chauffeur when their courtesy van slides of a lonely country road during a thunderstorm. It's not too hard to guess where they end up at...the isolated ruin that is the castle of a certain Count Dracula. However from that point on...nothing is as it seems when the cross currents of desire...human and out against a backdrop that ensures a fresh but dark and very twisted take on a well worn theme.

The Crimson CountessTHE CRIMSON COUNTESS (script) Erzsebet Bathory, the "bloody countess" of Medieval Hungary, who bathed in the blood of young virgins, is still alive and living in suburbia. After ingratiating herself with a local asylum, her residence becomes a halfway house for some of their "girls", but who mysteriously keep disappearing, until the twin sister of the latest victim shows up her door demanding some answers.

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