Black Cat Cinema Scripts

Question: What if Thelma & Louise were Lesbian/Vampires recast in Easy Rider?
Answer: The Ultimate Vampire/Lesbian Epic!

Follow Morella, the biker chick from Hell, as she slashes her bloodthirsty way across the country a secret Halloween debauchery in New York City. No one, including her new slave, Claire pursued by her grieving husband, nor the drunken woman lawyer being attacked by a lecherous highway cop or even a pair of stranded nuns can keep Morella from her terrifying rendez-vous with destiny.

Erzsebet Bathory, the "bloody countess" of Medieval Hungary, who bathed in the blood of young virgins, is still alive and living in the shadows of the former World Trade Center. After ingratiating herself with a local asylum, her lovely, but very gothic downtown loft becomes a halfway house for some of their "girls".

Unfortunately the young ladies keep mysteriously disappearing, until the twin sister of the latest missing girl shows up at the Countess' doorway demanding some answers. What follows is a slyly stylized bastard child of Psycho, Compulsion, Daughters of Darkness and The Maids, featuring the ageless Countess Bathory, her "personal" assistant Ilona and pair of not so identical twins, Simone and Claire.

Children Of Rage (script)  
A punk Romeo and Juliet set in the industrial wastelands of Verona, New Jersey, children of rage is the story of Ken, a seventeen-year-old whirlwind of self-destructive energy, who falls wildly in love with Bobbie (Roberta), a young girl with the ethereal quality of a 16th century Madonna and the mouth of a certain 20th century one.

This high velocity tale of violent love is set amidst a bitter mayoral campaign in Verona and is driven by dark family secrets that could destroy all, as the action gathers momentum until love goes ballistic in a storm of bullets ending in death, love's final truth.

To escape his private demons, a loner named Tony Dante is driven to work long hours, directing fashion videos by day and videotaping confessions for the District Attorney's Office by night.

Then one day the fashion videos begin looking suspiciously like confessions, while the confessions are becoming increasingly stylized. Sudden success and a doomed relationship with his new model begin to collapse Tony's boundaries between right and wrong, reality and illusion, ultimately exploding in a crescendo of blood, lights and humiliation.

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